LWV Attends Recycling Town Hall to Promote CD Recycling Project

League members attended the Recycling Town Hall on March 23rd where they promoted their CD Recycling project.  People can drop-off old CDs for recycling at the locations listed below.  If you would like to donate an large oatmeal box to be used as a collection receptacle, please attend one of our St. Thomas Unit meetings or email lwvusvi@gmail.com.

  • Turnbull Library
  • St. Croix Environmental Association
  • Jr. Environmental Rangers Office

St. Thomas Unit Hosts Inspector General of the Virgin Islands

On December 3rd the St. Thomas Unit hosted Steven van Beverhoudt, the Inspector General of the Virgin Islands, for an informative discussion about the role and function of the Inspector General, how the Inspector General chooses which areas to investigate and what that process is like, and current projects.  Van Beverhoudt encouraged people to visit the website of the Inspector General at http://www.viig.org/ where they can read recent reports and submit suggestions for areas to investigate fraud.

Van Beverhoudt also suggested ways in which citizens can help improve the function of the Inspector General.  One way is to support legislation that would set the budget for the Office of the Inspector General as a specific percentage of the overall government budget.  He also stated that his office once had several more employees than it currently does and with more employees he is able to investigate more areas of government, and perhaps more importantly, follow-up with previous investigations.  The Office of the Inspector General does not have any ability to force any department to follow through with recommendations made in published audits.  Van Beverhoudt stated that if citizens wanted departments to comply, they should encourage their senators to force compliance by making it a requirement in order to receive funding.

A full-length video of Van Beverhoudt's talk will be posted shortly.

Get Educated! View LWV Candidate Forums on YouTube!

The LWV of the Virgin Islands moderated several Candidate Forums with the help of WTJX.  They have been playing on WTJX and are now also on WTJX's YouTube channel.  Click on the links below to view the videos.

Get Educated! Daily News Voter Guide

Part of being an effective voter is being an informed voter.  One way to become informed is to read the Daily News Voter Guide.  Every year the Virgin Islands Daily News reaches out to candidates with a variety of questions and publishes their answers in their Voter Guide.  This year they have graciously given us a link to their Voter Guide with no pay wall.  Thank you!

Virgin Islands Daily News Voter Guide: General Election 2016

If you would like to support the VI Daily News through a subscription, you can do so at the following link:

LWV Holds Voter Registration Drives

During the month of September, the LWV held four registration drives in effort to register voters for the upcoming November election.  The LWV coordinated with the Board of Elections to hold registration drives on the first three Saturdays in September at the Red Hook ferry dock.  Since particular documents are required to register to vote, the goal was to hold the drives in a location where people would already have the required documents (such as a passport) with them.

The League also held a voter registration drive on September 27th at the UVI St. Thomas campus.  This drive was very successful and registered over 20 voters.